Multi Mount for 2019+ Yamaha FX for Single RAM Ball 4 hole AMPS

This single multi-mount plate and fastener kit provides a four hole attachment point for a RAM ball base or device that uses the universal AMPS pattern.

It is a custom machined Yamaha FX Waverunner multi-mount adapter plate for the 2019+ FX models. It is made out of 1/4″ thick aluminum and has a plain matte deburred finish. It is designed to be a heavy duty replacement of the plastic factory plate. It is well suited for holding a GoPro, speaker, cell phone, or GPS/sonar fish finders ranging in size from 4″ to 7″. The design allows you to rotate the cable notch in the multi mount plate to your desired position also permits the plate to be used on either the left, or the right sided multi-mount dash holes.

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The plate is pre-drilled to fit any of the RAM ball bases having the universal four hole AMPS pattern. It is compatible with both the composite RAP-B-202U  RAP-202U and also the marine grade aluminum RAM-B-202U B sized 1″ ball RAM-202U C sized 1-1/2″ ball bases and other devices having the universal four hole AMPS screw pattern. Visit the RAM Mount website for dimension information, or simply click on any of the quick links above for more information on the specific items.

Accessories offered by Yamaha typically use a 1” mounting ball (also known as a RAM size “B”). Your RAM ball base will be surface mounted during final assembly.

One of the design flaws in the current Yamaha design is the screw thread mounted RAM ball. The left sided factory threaded ball design is prone to loosening. Especially when using a long camera extension arm on the threaded stud mount caused by vibration and counter clockwise rotational force associated with riding the machine. The 4 hole AMPS screw hole pattern eliminates potential loosening of the left sided mounting ball.

The plate is held onto the FX dash by three equally spaced M6 hex head cap screws as pictured and fits inside the 2019+ Yamaha FX multi-mount dash hole. Stainless steel fasteners are provided for holding multi plate to the dash and also for attaching the ball base to the plate. The RAM ball base is not included.

You will receive:

(1) 1/4” thick multi mounting plate (RAM ball base not included)
(3) stainless steel hex head M6 screws (for holding plate to dash)
(3) stainless steel M6 flat washers
(4) #10 stainless screws (for holding the ball base to plate)
(4) #10 stainless steel flat washers
(4) #10 stainless steel nylon locking nuts

Using a short RAM coupler arm is recommended.

Part number: 2019+ FX MMP 218 X4 HOLE AMPS PMA

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