2019-15 Yamaha VX GP VXR GPR Transducer Bracket for Garmin / Lowrance Black 6S3C

This is a custom designed and machined Lowrance, or Garmin skimmer transducer mounting bracket kit for a 2015-2019 Yamaha VX GP VXR GPR Waverunner. It has three vertical transducer mounting slots with sight indicator holes for easy up / down elevation adjustment.

Contents of this kit include;

(1) 1/4″ thick BHCA aluminum transducer mounting plate with three vertical slots and six pair of vertical adjustment indicator holes (6S3C)
(1) black 3/4″ thick marine grade HDPE zip tie spacer
(1) black 1″ thick marine grade HDPE spacer

(2) #10-32 stainless steel nylock hex nuts w/ stainless steel flat washers
(4) stainless steel M8 hex head boarding step bolts with lock washers
(2) #10-32 x 3/4″ stainless steel carriage bolts

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The finish is black hard coat anodized (BHCA). It will not flake off and will hold up very well in both salt and freshwater. It is designed to fit under the two-hole transom boarding step ladder bracket and will allow you to mount Garmin or Lowrance skimmer transducer directly to it.

This slotted bracket will make easy work of installing the transducer and will make subsequent up / down transducer elevation adjustments a breeze through the entire slotted range of adjustment.

The bracket itself is flat and does not require bending for installation. It can be installed on either the right, or left side of the re-boarding step and fits under the boarding step bracket.

Special Note: Be mindful of Waverunners equipped with the RIDE control feature. It is located under the swim deck on the left (port) side of the ski. It will block cables from being routed through the transom on the left side. The cable would have to be routed up and over the swim deck on a left sided installation. On a right sided (starboard) installation, the cable may be routed through the upper transom, or up over the swim deck.

The black marine grade HDPE spacers match the factory footprint design of the re-boarding step. These foot-printed matched spacers are the only surfaces making contact with the PWC transom. Spacers eliminate any concern for scratching and will give you peace of mind knowing none of the other bracket parts will come in contact with the hull.

The aluminum transducer mounting bracket fits under the boarding step (between the step bracket and the 3/4″ thick spacer). The BHCA finish looks great on the ski and adds a layer of protection from saltwater corrosion. Adjustment indicator holes have been provided along the slots to make easy work of elevation adjustment. The kit also comes with a 1″ spacer plate that fits under the opposing boarding step bracket. The spacer plates are used to prevent the boarding step from being bolted unevenly to the ski, and to prevent scratches by positioning the parts away from the hull. The design of VX GP VXR and GPR has the rear transom tie-down / tow hooks much closer to the re-boarding step. The 3/4″ HDPE spacer used between the bracket and transom will allow room for the trailer tie down strap to fit between the transducer bracket and transom by the hook. It will also allow room for a free flow exhaust outlet. These are features unique to my design and cannot be said for the brackets that bolt over the top of the factory boarding step bracket.

The M8 stainless steel hex head bolts and lock washers are provided to replace the factory bolts. They are longer to compensate for the thickness of the mounting bracket and to maintain the same factory thread engagement within the inner-hull step ladder flange nuts.

The two stainless steel carriage bolts are used to fasten the transducer to the mounting bracket. The round head of the carriage bolt is installed and positioned towards the transom. The square neck of the carriage bolts engages the bracket slots to prevent turning and to make easy work of loosening and tightening during elevation adjustments. The hex nuts and stainless washers will be used on the outside of the transducer bracket. Having the round carriage bolt head facing the transom creates a very smooth and low-profile fastener design that will not cut your trailer tie down strap. I highly recommend applying marine grade grease or anti-seize to the screw threads during assembly for lubrication and added saltwater and gall protection.

The aluminum plate is very strong, sleek, professionally machined and finished. The hard-black anodized coating requires proper care if riding in saltwater. Saltwater should be rinsed to prevent breakdown of metals.


  • BHCA finish looks great provides an added layer of protection to reduce saltwater corrosion
  • Professional hard coat anodized finish will not flake off
  • Easy to use
  • Flat design does not require bending for left sided or right sided installation
  • Aesthetically pleasing design, not bulky – no excessive material
  • Vertically slotted transducer mounting holes with up/down sight adjustment indicator holes for quick and easy elevation adjustments.
  • Front located hex nut design also eliminates the potential for hull scratches from fasteners.
  • Slotted design reduces potential for losing small hex nuts in the water during adjustments
  • Square neck of carriage bolts engages the slots for easy single handed tightening and loosening.
  • Does not require removal of plastic torsion spring cover on boarding step. Leaving the torsion spring cover on is an overall neater look and maintains the factory appearance
  • Allows direct water temperature readings via transducer if supported by your fish finder unit
  • UV stabilized HDPE does not swell, rot, or delaminate and eliminates galvanic corrosion issues between unlike materials
  • factory foot-printed matched HDPE spacers eliminate concern for scratching transom
  • Simple installation. Completely ready to use out of the shipping package
  • Does NOT require layout and drilling holes for installation. All holes are built into bracket.
  • Predrilled holes will save you time and get you on the water fast.
  • No sharp metal corners eliminates cut potential – corners have been deburred for your safety
  • 3/4″ spacer between the transom and bracket provide a pocket for your transom trailer tie down strap
  • 3/4″ spacer between the transom and bracket also provides room for free flow exhaust outlet parts.
  • Large transducer mounting surface allows room for an optional transducer Spring Back Bracket

**Saltwater Recommendations: The cosmetic finish requires proper care if riding in saltwater. Saltwater should be rinsed to prevent breakdown of metals.

2019-15 GP GPR VX VXR Gar Low 6S3C 100SS 750PZTS BHCA

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